Valentines Day Round-Up:

I am without a boy again this Valentines Day (which I am truly and honestly fine with, btw.) But that doesn't mean I can't get all caught up in the cuteness of Valentines Day products and tutorials. I consider it my God-given right as a woman, actually. So here are some of my absolute favorite things from around the interwebs.
Seems like a great way to start the day, any day of the year. But this sure would be a cute addition to the breakfast in bed I know all you men will be preparing for your ladies. (Do it.) A Beautiful Mess came up with this deliciously warm drink.
These printable notecards from my friend Lizzy are just too funny and adorable. And they're free! Just go here to download them.
Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh flowers, but why not make some that will never die? These paper flowers are so pretty! The book page petals definitely add some extra romance too, don't you think?
This hand-stamped love note wound around a spool is just so clever and romantic I can't even handle it. Super easy to do and very sweet. Full tutorial and idea right here.
This easy DIY project was found over at Family Chic. Easy to do and customize it with any word(s) you like. Leave it up all year if you want! 
I don't get to cook hardly ever, but occasionally I come across a recipe so unique and random that I feel compelled to make it. And by make it I mean "pin" it. But this one might be the exception to that rule. I'm just that intrigued. (Joy the Baker has done it again.)

So that's it, my friends! I hope you enjoy these links!


  1. So many lovely posts! I especially love the little hand stamped love letter spool!

  2. I love this. The red velvet hot coco looks divine. xo, rv

  3. Just printed the Beet Cake! Can't wait. Love Love Love your Blog. You are ahmazing!

  4. great ideas! the drinks look so good!


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